Five question you must ask your makeup artist!

Whether it is a birthday party or a wedding, whatever the occasion is all about, women do love to decorate themselves with makeup and want to look beautiful and attractive. They love when they are looking beautiful and getting compliments from her loved ones, so we do understand the need for women and their priority to get ready with having an adorable look. Not only that, the ladies love to get ready but also they want to feel beautiful from deep inside.

Though, in occasions, you are unable to get yourself ready with the perfect outfit and makeup because there are certain important things to get done and need to get look after by you. In that case, you can hire a mobile makeup artist in Sydney, to make you ready for the perfect look as per your need. But there are some important things you must ask before hiring them.


  • You must check the portfolios’ of her or his previous projects to get some idea about their skill and how much they are professional in this field. After that, you can ask them, whether they had done a makeup on someone with your skin condition. You want your acne, marks, scars, bags under the eyes, wrinkles, freckles, birthmark to be handled by them, so you are willing to know whether they can conceal and contour real faces with a real skin condition.
  • You need to ask them for the agreement in writing, because whoever she or he is, you are not going to get your makeup spoil for anyone on that special day. If you are getting your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend as your makeup artist on your wedding day, then also you must ask her about the agreement.
  • Be very clear about the fees structure, it is important to get cleared as soon as possible because you know that very well that you are not going to get makeup done in free of cost. So, whatever the amount is you are going to spend make it lucid clear.
  • Before hiring her on the day you need the look, you must go to a trial by her. Ask her or him about the trial makeup, which will also give you a brief idea about their service and their quality.
  • There are some makeup artists, who want their trainees to do the makeup of their clients, so ask them about whether she or he is going to do your makeup on the day you need. Basically, a wedding day is the most important day of anyone’s life, so make every tiny thing clear as much as possible.
    doing meckup.jpg

These are the questions to ask your mobile makeup artist in Sydney to make you look like an angel, which will also allow you to feel beautiful from inside. You can visit this website, to get your makeup done by the celebrity makeup artist, Charlotte Ravet. You can get directed to her official website and check all the details to get a fabulous makeup and hair style by the renowned professional.



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